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ProH has over twenty-years of experience providing the following services:

Construction Management

  • As Construction Manager, brought on board during a job’s early design stages, ProH provides Pre-Construction services to assess the project’s feasibility, evaluate site conditions, budget schematics, develop detailed schedules, identify Long-Lead items to recommend pre-purchasing, sequencing and logistics while addressing how local or municipal regulations can impact progress. We offer alternative means and methods to streamline deliverables, and present to our clients a financial reality on how best to build the project.

General Construction

  • As General Contractor, ProH anchors a collaborative team effort to maintain the project’s momentum. We facilitate daily communications, stay nimble to address oncoming challenges, coordinate with municipal authorities for building inspections and sign-offs, and turn over spaces with warranties, maintenance instructions, and tutorials.


Building Facade

  • Built on a foundation of construction engineering knowledge and structural expertise, our firm uniquely understands the interdependence of building envelope elements throughout the project life-cycle. This custom approach helps our facade engineering team to best improve constructability, maximize energy efficiency, strengthen security and enhance architectural vision.

  • From building envelope consulting to facade design and final punch-list inspection, our industry leading engineers provide client-focused solutions for projects of every size, scope, material and complexity.

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